It's Time to Start Brewing

It's Time to Start Brewing

Purchase high-quality coffee equipment at our retail store

What sets us apart?

1. We only carry equipment we will stand behind.

2. Equipment machine sales packages include free installation labor up to 2-hours for ready sites. Also,
any preventative maintenance contracts would include Hero's extended one-year warranty. All services
and sales do not include mileage.

3. Hero Coffee Works provides high quality equipment to suit the specific needs of any coffee

It's Time to Start Brewing

Our friendly staff will be happy to help you select exactly the right coffee equipment to suit your home or business. Get in touch with us today for details about our exclusive promotions.

Call 406-203-6995 now to schedule a phone meeting or an in-person consultation.

Choose from a wide selection of equipment

We Distribute for over three dozen industry leading manufacturers

  • Espresso Machines 
  • Espresso and Bulk Grinders
  • Brewers and Hot Water Units
  • Water conditioning equipment to protect against damage and make sure you get the best taste possible 
  • Unique Specialty equipment and Showpiece Machines 
  • Roasters 
  • Barista Tools and Peripheral Counter Equipment 

We look forward to fulfilling your coffee-making dreams!