Service Packages

Service Packages

Whether you are new to the coffee industry or already established, we are here to bring your coffee program to the next level. From barista training to the proper care of equipment, water quality testing and systems of monitoring and analysis, we can uphold the standards you set, even across multiple locations. We are excited to continue doing what we do best and we look forward to growing with you and helping to bring the highest quality out every time!
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Available Service Plans

Service 1

Includes two (2) Scheduled visits, semi-annual and annual preventive
maintenance (recommended for slower volume facilities) Contract details will be listed in Addendum B. This will
include the machine and detailed service requirements for that machine. Prices may vary due to machine type.
Twice a year service for seasonal locations, schools, and some exceptionally low volume shops to get the extra
care from a skilled Hero Technician.

Service Plan 2

Includes four (4) Scheduled Visits for Quarterly maintenance; labor and parts for
1 year. Contract details will be listed in Addendum B. This will include the machine and detailed service
requirements for that machine. Includes top tier scheduling and service, all parts, and labor included, extra care
from a skilled Hero Technician. Prices will vary due to machine type.

Additional Information

Hero Coffee Works, LLC will serve you by providing not only repair service, but by keeping your equipment in
top condition and your final product at its highest quality. We will be there to increase reliability, reduce the
possibility of expensive downtime, and will provide quick support in the times which can't be planned for.
•Predictable pricing
•Discounts also apply for grinders and brewers at the location of espresso machines
•2 or more extra complementary diagnostic site visits per year.
• Credit Option to split up repair bills and add to monthly payments with approved credit only
•Access detailed reports on machine health and see statistical data we record each visit.

Pricing: All diagnostic services begin with an initial $125 diagnostic charge, payable upon delivery
unless otherwise approved for credit terms of net 30-days. Mileage is not included.

"Labor" shall be billed on 30-minute increments of time based on $175/hr. for Services (except sales)
performed during normal business hours and $269/hr. for Emergency Services (services performed outside of
normal business hours or without an appointment). Hero may charge travel time as Labor for onsite Services.
Mileage will be incurred at a rate of $1.00 per mile within the 500-mile radius of Missoula Montana. Outside of
the 500-mile radius area may incur up to but not limited to $2.00 mile. Hero reserves the right to change,
delete, or update all pricing with the onset of inflation, with or without notice to unapproved or delayed
All onsite repairs beyond the scope of diagnostic analysis shall be subject to a $175 minimum labor charge.
Although Hero maintains a stock of equipment and parts for repair use or sale at retail price, Hero makes no
guarantee whatsoever concerning the availability of equipment or parts, particularly for work on older, vintage,
or rare machines, the repair of which may take extended amounts of Labor. Hero may charge Labor for rare
equipment or parts procurement.

Don't gamble with the hub of your coffee business!

Disclaimer: Hero Coffee Works offers certain alternative programs as a way to meet the needs of select customers. The "Seasonal Special" and other programs with reduced maintenance are not based on manufacturer recommendations. Neglecting to fully maintain an espresso machine can cause cumulative damage to the machine and hazardous conditions, usually incurring more expense overall, and shortening the life of the equipment. Hero Coffee Works is not liable for damages or injuries incurred if a customer chooses to neglect fully maintaining their equipment. Use discretion skipping factory recommended maintenance. If you have a new machine under warranty, Minimized programs do not meet the specifications which Hero recommends or specifications set by manufacturers to uphold warranty; and as such will void any existing factory warranty. Ask about Hero's full maintenance packages which are designed to uphold manufacturers specifications and include extra benefits such as labor discounts and extra free site visits. Terms Subject to change

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