Service Packages

Service Packages

Whether you are new to the coffee industry or already established, we are here to bring your coffee program to the next level. From barista training to the proper care of equipment, water quality testing and systems of monitoring and analysis, we can uphold the standards you set, even across multiple locations. We are excited to continue doing what we do best and we look forward to growing with you and helping to bring the highest quality out every time!
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Available Service Plans

Hero League

Requires a machine certified by hero to be in excellent condition.

Is your equipment really nice? It can be a whole job on its own to keep it that way. We've got you covered. Includes complete coverage for a full year; all parts and labor for an espresso machine, maintenance and any necessary repairs. No matter what happens. We will actually take it apart and rebuild it at no extra charge. Get every benefit we offer, anytime for one monthly price. Inquire for eligibility. Includes top tier scheduling and service, free training, all parts and labor included, extra care from all of Hero.


In addition to regular maintenance quarterly, a Hero will arrive Monthly to check on machine, take notes on machine health and performance Hero will also use grinder and machine counters (if equipped) to monitor volume usage and reduce waste. Each visit's data will be used to create quarterly reports and recommendations for improving quality and consistency and warnings of possible issues which require attention. As a bonus, H.C.W. will also come to you up to 5 additional times per year as needed to troubleshoot or make adjustments for free (1hr each) Any additional labor for the year is billed at the discounted rate.

Plan Includes:
•12 Scheduled Visits; 4 Quarterly maintenance (labor and parts) for 1 year and 8 consistency checks for in depth care and quality tuning
•5 additional unscheduled free visits for troubleshooting(1 hr each)
•Over 25% Labor Discount (-$40/Hr)
•15% off parts
•60% off mileage
•No Emergency charges
•Quarterly reports


Factory maintenance with a little extra Hero. A Hero will arrive quarterly to perform maintenance. As a bonus, H.C.W. will also come to you 4 additional times per year as needed to troubleshoot or make adjustments for free (1hr each). All additional labor for the year is billed at a discounted rate and may be split into monthly payments

Plan Includes:
•4 Scheduled Visits for Quarterly maintenance; labor and parts for 1 year
•4 Free unscheduled diagnostic visits (call-in) for troubleshooting
•$40/Hour Labor Discount
•$60/Hour Emergency Labor Discount

Seasonal Special

Twice a year service for seasonal locations, schools and some very low volume shops.

Plan Includes:
•2 Scheduled services, Completing the most important yearly parts of maintenance
•1 free diagnostic site visit
•$20/hour labor discount

Don't gamble with the hub of your coffee business!

Disclaimer: Hero Coffee Works offers certain alternative programs as a way to meet the needs of select customers. The "Seasonal Special" and other programs with reduced maintenance are not based on manufacturer recommendations. Neglecting to fully maintain an espresso machine can cause cumulative damage to the machine and hazardous conditions, usually incurring more expense overall, and shortening the life of the equipment. Hero Coffee Works is not liable for damages or injuries incurred if a customer chooses to neglect fully maintaining their equipment. Use discretion skipping factory recommended maintenance. If you have a new machine under warranty, Minimized programs do not meet the specifications which Hero recommends or specifications set by manufacturers to uphold warranty; and as such will void any existing factory warranty. Ask about Hero's full maintenance packages which are designed to uphold manufacturers specifications and include extra benefits such as labor discounts and extra free site visits. Terms Subject to change