Keep Your Equipment In Tip-Top Shape

Keep Your Equipment In Tip-Top Shape

Our team can handle your service and repairs

Hero’s #1 goal is to provide peace of mind.

Consistency is the foundation of the most successful food and beverage businesses in the world. Ultimately, we hope to provide that predictability by offering a managed care model (known expenses for the whole year), instead of a fee-for-service model, (inefficient, unpredictable, expensive).

This approach is not only more predictable for you and your customers, but it allows Hero Coffee Works to focus on what we really want to do - provide you with peace of mind knowing that your equipment and coffee program is operating at its best!

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Hero Coffee Works will always be there for you when emergencies occur. However, given the opportunity, we can drastically reduce the risk of failure. Hero is so confident in the efficiency gained, that all full plans include 4 or more free diagnostic visits per year and a $40/hr repair labor discount, along with other benefits, at no extra charge above regular maintenance cost!

Hero will serve by providing not only repair service, but by keeping your equipment in top condition and your final product at its highest quality. We will be there to increase reliability, reduce the possibility of expensive downtime, and will provide quick support in the times which can't be planned for.

•Predictable pricing
•Over 25% Discount On all additional Repair Costs
•Significant Labor discount: -$40/hr from $149.00/hr to $109.00/hr for standard labor
•Emergency Labor Discount: -$60/hr from $229/hr to $169/hr on emergency labor
•Discounts also apply for grinders and brewers at the location of espresso machines
•4 or more extra complementary diagnostic site visits per year.
•Option to split up repair bills and add to monthly payments
•Access to online customer Portal
•Access detailed reports on machine health and see statistical data we record each visit.